Boost donations

Fundraising made easier and faster
Why choose Bopp?
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Cut out card fees

Minimum 5p, maximum 50p per transaction.

Collect Gift Aid

Gift Aid collection made quick and easy

Cash is Declining

No spare change. Offer your donors a cashless payment method.

Say thank you

Make your donors feel appreciated with a personalised thank you message.


Assign a unique reference to each pay request to track its progress.

Marketing email

Get consent from the donor and collect their information for future marketing opportunities.


donations made easy

Spend less on processing fees and gain more in donations.
Share a Paylink or send a QR code for bank to bank transfers.
Gift Aid

collect gift

Gift Aid is an essential part of any fundraising campaign.
BOPP offers customisable digital payments.
BOPP it!

Customise your requests

BOPP gives you flexibility in terms of how payments can be requested and what type of information can be collected.
Share a Paylink or send a QR code for bank to bank transfers.
BOPP Dashboard

TRack performance

We provide an easy-to-use Dashboard so you can create payment requests, monitor which campaigns and payment requests bring you the most revenue. This data can help you split test various donation KPIs to optimise your strategy and maximise donation revenue.
BOPP dashboard
Poster Maker

create posters easily

Introducing BOPP poster maker - choose from a variety of poster templates, add a BOPP QR code and begin collecting payments.
BOPP offers customisable digital payments.
See how easy it is to donate Make a donation to one of our partner charities
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How to use BOPP

Add a QR code to a Charity BucketYou can accept donations directly into your charity bank account with QR codes, which can be traced back to your marketing campaign.
Add a Paylink to an email newsletterDonors simply click the Paylink and choose the amount they wish to donate, add Gift Aid, and funds will reach your bank account instantly.
Replace cash donationsCash is disappearing. Give donors a fast and secure alternative method of payment.
Avoid card processing feesNo cards means no card processing fees.
Customise payment requestsYou can set the amount or let the payer decide, capture marketing information, say thank you, and more...
Track performanceEasily track all payment requests and revenue generated from QR codes and Paylinks.