About Us

We are:

  • Committed to delivering products and services that make a difference and set new standards in each area we focus.
  • Setting the new standard of trust online, empowering people and businesses to take control of their information.
  • Empowering businesses and consumers to seamlessly interact without having a third-party arbitrate the relationship for them.

We believe that it is an accident of history that large financial services and technology firms dominate control of consumers’ and businesses’ data. Large quasi-monopolies now effectively dictate the terms of data transfer. The internet was not supposed to be like this.

About Bopp
Our focus
We’re leveraging three fundamental global themes in order to give control of data back to businesses and consumers.


We love technology. The miniaturisation and standardisation of computing devices is enabling brand new ways of using technology to solve everyday problems that historically would have just been either too impractical, or too expensive. This wave of mobile phones and IoT devices is creating new ways to communicate, and new business models.


Decentralised Networks

Innovation in software is going just as fast as hardware; our favourite is decentralised technologies. Decentralised networks (and storage) enable us to create brand new operating models for us and our clients. They enable us to ensure that claims we make about security and privacy are not just promises, but actually coded into our infrastructure. Meaning we simply cannot access the data we say we can’t.


Regulatory Change

The negative impact of the growth of financial and technology businesses over the last 20 years is becoming clear. In response, governments around the world are responding with new legislative changes that target many legitimate concerns. These range from data privacy through to competition in financial services. Whether we’re talking about GDPR, PSD2, or the Digital Economy Act, big changes are happening.

Our Global Team

Mark Holt

CTO & Founder


Ian Gass

CEO & Founder


Steve Winyard



Bernie Raftery



Alex Smith



Euros Evans


About Bopp

We’re a company of developers, engineers, product owners and designers. We are obsessed with technology and we’re on a mission to help make doing business on the internet better.

Headquartered in London, our team is spread across 8 different cities around the world. Our goal is to deliver great products and do so in a 21st century way.

We have an issue with a lot of internet-based businesses. The internet should facilitate relationships directly between people and organisations. It should not be the case that ‘data aggregators’ effectively get in the way and base their operating and revenue model on accessing and selling other people's data.

This is why we are creating frictionless, low-cost and secure data-bridges between people directly. We are a ‘privacy first’ organisation, with security also at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you are a startup or a globally leading company, please join us on our journey to make the world that little bit better.

About Bopp
Our Working Philosophy

We pride ourselves on diversity and openness. We know not everyone can work 9-5, and not everyone can make it into a central office. Accordingly we embrace remote working.

Agitate is an international community of talented individuals, committed to our shared vision of raising the bar of trust online. Our goal is to make great products while maintaining unconditional respect for the people that use them.

We embrace differing perspectives, and seek out passionate, self-motivated people. Each of us is working towards a future that, together, we want to exist.

We are hiring! If you are self-motivated and passionate about the same things as us we want to hear from you.



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