About BOPP

We want to make digital payments accessible to everyone
WHO WE AREWe are a team of financial service professionals, developers and engineers dedicated to making electronic payments simple and safe for everyone with a bank account.
what we doWe are a privacy-first company that provides the highest levels of security while you make your financial transactions. We challenge systems we believe can be improved and continually strive to make the experience better for all.
OUR GOAL We aim to help businesses improve their profitability and cash flow. Billions of pounds are spent every year on card processing fees in the UK. With BOPP, you won’t have to pay these anymore - saving you money.
Our technologyWe have built one of the most robust Open Banking platforms available. We have focused on security and privacy and incorporated cutting-edge blockchain and decentralised technology to benefit all our users.
our people Our team is made up of over 30 highly skilled industry professionals and growing. Our range of expertise allows us to build and support highly sophisticated systems with user-friendly interfaces, making them secure and accessible for you.
OUR customers 30 million people currently use mobile banking. They can all now use BOPP for payments. Sole traders, charities and businesses can gain access to BOPP for their immediate benefit.
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